Thursday, August 02, 2007

Diet and Breast Cancer - no connection?!?

This study received a lot of press. They found that eating a very healthy diet did not influence breast cancer recurrence or survival. This study has some major flaws and we really appreciated this article spelling them out.

Here are the major points from the article:

When you ask people questions about how they eat, they generally make it sound better than it is. From the looks of it, the womens diet did not change much.

The "high vegetable" diet was averaging two servings a day?

The women were not well educated about what truly constitutes a healthy diet.


Organic Dairy product are good for Breast Milk

Here is another DUH study, but this info could be of great concern to mothers whose children have asthma or allergies.

Here is a link to the article.

In case you don't read it, here are some important highlights. There is a significant difference in the type of fatty acid in Mother's milk for mothers who are eating organic meat and dairy. This Fatty Acid, known as CLA is known to be an immunomodulator with other positive health effects as well.

DDT and Breast Cacner

A lot of the research coming out lately seems to indicate that the time of exposure to chemicals is relevant to developing disease later in life. In some instances, in utero exposure is the issue. This study showed that women who were exposed to DDT before the age of 14 have a much higher rate of breast cancer. Women who were exposed after the age of 14 did not have a significantly higher rate of breast cancer. Here is a link to the study.

So we are really practical and hit this issue all the time in our classes. How do you convince a young mind, that may not have fully developed cause and effect thinking, to avoid exposure to chemicals or not drink and take hormones?!? Now that we have the info and it seems to be coming pretty consistently - what do we do?

Dairy and Breast Cancer

There is a new study from France that associates more dairy consumption with lower incidence of breast cancer. We find this study curious because it contradicts some studies we have sited here before.

One thought is that there is not Bovine Growth Hormone being used in France. There is a connection betweeen Bovine Growth Hormone and Breast Cancer. Read this article from the prevent cancer website.

The study contradicts what Colin Campbell found while he was doing the China Study. Here is a great interview with him.

We will keep you posted as we learn more about this study. Comments anyone - would love to hear from you!