Thursday, June 22, 2006

More info on lymphedema and exercise. Good news!

This article from the New York Times offers more weight for the tipping of the standard of practice in how women are able to care for themselves after surgery. It looks like there is a lot more you can do that previously thought. Now don't go out and start pumping iron, but work with someone who is familiar. Please print out this article and give it to your doctor or your physical therapist.

If you have trouble with this link, go to the New York Times page and seach lymphedema and the article will come right up.

Cows milk makes you grow - maybe not in places you want...

This study out of Japan was printed in the Internation Journal of Cancer. It showed that rats given commercial cows milk caused the uterus of rats to grow. Not as much as if they were fed estrogen, but there were estrogenic effects.

The Ruters article said "Dr. Sato concludes that milk and dairy product consumption should be kept to a minimum. These products "contain sex steroid hormones, which promote the development of hormone-dependent cancers (prostate cancer in men, and breast and ovarian cancers in women)." Dr. Sato also does not recommend milk for prepubertal children."

Yipes! Better think twice. See the arguement for asking your local starbusks to not use RGBH milk just got a lot stronger...

New Research on Breast Cancer Prevention!

This month an study from Germany was published that shows using plant lignans (the stuff at the bottle of your flax seed oil bottle) could help to PREVENT breast cancer in pre menopausaul women. The study used biomarkers and blood levels of lignans as markers. It seems up to a 78% reduction in possible breast cancer could be achieved. This is what we look for in research and it was not on your front page news...

The study was published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention. Just in case you are not a current subscriber, here is a link to an article.

This is another good reason to add ground flax seeds to your daily diet. Next months newsletter will publish the flax seed muffin recipe for those of you who enjoy cooking and would like the healthy recipe.