Friday, June 01, 2007

Even China will Admit the Connection....

Beijing- Widespread pollution has caused cancer to become the leading killer
in China, a newspaper reported Monday, citing a government study. A Health
Ministry survey of 30 cities and 78 counties found that rapidly increasing
air and water pollution as well as the use of pesticides and food additives
are the main cause behind the quickly rising cancer rates, the China Daily

"Many chemical and industrial enterprises are built along rivers so that
they can dump the waste into water easily," Chen Zhizhou, a health expert
with the cancer research institute affiliated with the Chinese Academy of
Medical Sciences, told the newspaper. "Excessive use of fertilizers and
pesticides also pollute underground water. The contaminated water has
directly affected soil, crops and food."

Pollution "is getting worse day by day," he added.

Of the 10 most lethal illnesses recorded last year in China, cancer was
number one, followed by cerebrovascular and heart diseases, the government
survey found.

Major contributors to the cancer rates were found to be air pollution that
causes harmful particles to become lodged in the lungs, formaldehyde and
other compounds used in building renovations and furniture, and additives
used to make livestock grow faster.