Saturday, February 25, 2006

State of the Evidence

Last Month the Breast Cancer Fund and Breast Cancer Action published their annual State of the Evidence Report. Here is a link to read the report.

This year the report states that up to half of Breast Cancer cases may be linked to environmental causes. When you read about prevention and the issue of reducing pollutants that are known to cause cancer is not addressed, use caution. Showing a direct link between cancer and environmental pollution is difficult. The report is EXCELLENT and we encourage you to read it and then send it to your elected representatives.

At times addressing environmental issues around cancer can seem intimidating because the issues are really big. Keep in mind that our market is consumer driven and the choices you make shopping will be what effects change. Asking questions of your grocer, your florist, your politician, your hairdresser, your car dealer, your local restaurant owners and others in your community makes the change. Just asking "is there a less toxic alternative?" is a important and powerful question.

You don't have to go live in a tent and eat off of the land to be environmentally friendly anymore. Over the coming months, we will be giving you tip on making small powerful changes that can make a big impact on reducing waste and pollution. For now, read the report and COMMIT to doing what you can to turn the tide in a more sane direction.